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18" Cut Hydrostatic Drive Sod Cutter
SC180H (Honda)
Honda engine

The new 18" Hydro Sod Cutter is the easiest to operate and most comfortable to use sod cutter on the market. With variable ground speeds - forward and reverse - and intuitive controls this versatile machine is the perfect workhorse for the weekend warrior to the seasoned pro.

Best in class "Set and Forgetâ„¢" blade depth adjustment is set with a single lever and clamp at the user's operating position. It saves time and provides precise cutting depths up to 2.5 inches for tasks including relocating sod, enlarging flower beds, creating new planting areas, as well as concrete flat work or other hardscape projects. The standard, rear swivel caster is perfect for curved work and locks for straight cutting.

Operators will also appreciate the multiple, oversized handle isolation mounts that absorb vibration and offer fatigue-free operation for small to large projects alike.

The variable speed hydrostatic drive transmission allows operatiors to tailor cutting speed according to the ground condition, thereby preserving sod quality while maximizing productivity. Another benefit of the drive is the fastest transport speed of any unit on the market; over 3.5 mph. And drive controls are comfortably under-mounted at your fingertips versus paddle or throttle styles. An adjustable reverse speed allows maneuvering out of tight areas easily and quickly, without tearing sod - or your rotator cuff!

Coupled to 5.5 HP Honda power with a 3-year warranty, Billy Goat's 18" Hydro Sod Cutter operates and handles like a dream, meeting every user's unique project with reliability, simplicity and precise cut performance.


  • Engine: 163 cc Honda GXV160
  • Transmission: Hydro Gear RT310
  • Weight: 348 lb
  • Cutting Width: 18"
  • Cutting Depth: Max of 2.5"
  • Machine Width: 26.5"
  • Hydro-drive transmission
  • Set and Forgetâ„¢ blade depth adjustment
  • 3.5 mph transport speed
  • Finger-tip access drive controls
  • Unique drive wheels & rear swivel caster
Billy Goat SC180H Hydro Drive Transmission
Hydro Drive Transmission
Variable speed hydrostatic drive transmission allows user to tailor cutting speed to ground condition. Fastest transport speed on the market at over 3.5 mph. Adjustable reverse speed allows seemless manoeuvring out of tight areas without damaging sod.
Billy Goat SC180H Set and Forget Blade Depth Adjustment
Set and Forget Blade Depth Adjustment
Single lever and clamp at user's operating position adjusts simply, saving time and providing precise cutting depths for all tasks.
Billy Goat SC180H Finger-tip Access Drive Controls
Finger-tip Access Drive Controls
Comfortably under-mounted for quick access versus paddle or roll throttle styles.
SC180H warranty
Hydro Sod Cutter Warranty
3-Year Honda engine.
Billy Goat SC180H Sod Cutter
Billy Goat SC180H Front bumper bar & Tie down points
Billy Goat SC180H Unique Drive Wheels
Billy Goat SC180H 18 inch Cutting blade
Billy Goat SC180H Multiple Oversized Isolation Mounts
Billy Goat SC180H 12 inch Cutting Blade
Optional 12" Hydro SC Blade
Part #: 371600

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