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Commercial Duty Vacuum - Multi-Surface Residential / Commercial
Step up to the heavy-duty clean up power of the MV Series 74cm/29" wide lawn and litter vacuums. Designed for both hard surfaces and turf, the MV Series is ideal for larger properties, commercial lots, leaf clean up, hire companies, parks, city streets, school districts or municipal clean up. Powerful 6-blade serrated impeller for maximum suction and debris reduction. Picks up cans, bottles, grass clippings, litter and other debris with ease. Abrasion-resistant composite housing components reduce weight and won’t rust or dent.

This MV601 vacuum is self propelled, 3 speed, and features a Briggs & Stratton electric start engine. Made for easy starting.
  • Impeller Blades: 6
  • Impeller Type: Serrated
  • Bag System: Sliding Bag
  • Bag Capacity (l):151
  • Weight (kg): 71
  • Length (cm): 163
  • Width (cm): 74
  • Height (cm): 116
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton Pro Series
  • 850 Professional Series™
  • Performance kW [HP]: 4,9 [6,5]*
  • Displacement (cc): 187
  • Starting: Recoil Start
  • Working Width (cm/inch): 74 / 29"
  • Drive Type: Push
  • Housing Material: Composite
  • Wheels (inch): 14"
MV650 Gobbler Door
74cm / 29" Gobbler Door
Adjustable from the operator’s position for easy switching between hard surface, turf or hose applications.
Top Loading Bag
Unique Top Fill Design
Keeps dust out of operator’s face and ensures optimum filling.
Top Loading Bag
Top Loading Bag
Slides in and out on rails for best in class unloading. The 151 litres mesh bag holds up to 23 kg of debris.
MV650 Gobbler Door
Easy Control of Height
Crank style for optimum performance on turf and hard surfaces.
Billy Goat Warranty
3-Speed Transmission
The MV Series self propelled models are equipped with a 3-gear ultra smooth and durable transmission.
Billy Goat Warranty
36cm / 14" Wheels
The 14” wheels smooth out the rough areas and make the vacuum manoeuvrable.
Billy Goat Bag Liners
Disposable Bag Liners
Part #: 840134
Come in packs of 12 and eliminates the extra step of bagging debris.
Billy Goat Hose Kit
MV Hose Kit
Part #: 840116
MV Series vacuum with optional hose kit attached to the gobbler door. With telescopic handle. Diameter 12.7cm / 5”. Length 305cm / 10’.
Caster Kit
MV Caster Kit
Part #: 840129
Adds mobility and turning radius over smooth surfaces.
Billy Goat Sand Liner
MV Sand Liner
Part #: 840201
Decreases wear on housing interior.
Billy Goat Sand Liner
Electrostatic DUST SOCK Kit
Part #: 840263
Traps dust for optimum operator and air quality protection.
Billy Goat Sand Liner
Part #: 891137
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